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Alter Ego, the new Etnia Barcelona campaign that brings us closer to the world of classical art through sculpture. An ideal setting to present the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection in which volume and sophistication go hand in hand.

Alter Ego refers to the duality and multiplicity of identity, a theme explored by many artists throughout history.

The campaign’s images portray characters contemplating well-known sculptures that recreate mythological scenes, which are steeped in a mystical atmosphere. An idealized look that projects the desire to become them and be part of a world full of art and beauty.

Each piece in the collection is sculpted and worked in detail with finishes that reflect quality and passion for design. From geometric shapes and strong volumes to warm and soft hues.

Like all our collections, the designs have been worked with natural acetate and incorporate HD lenses that enhance colors and increase visual sharpness to provide a unique viewing experience.

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