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We are still celebrating our XX Anniversary with the launch of our new limited-edition collection “Zebra, Heritage vol.3”. This time, we’re looking back on one of our most iconic collections: Wild Love in Africa, 2014.

A trip to Morocco through the eyes of artist Mous Lamrabat

Zebra, Heritage vol.3 is a tribute to the traditions, culture, colors, and textures of this North African country.

The campaign, photographed by Mous Lamrabat, glorifies Moroccan culture through traditional elements.

The images celebrate the art of tradition through snapshots that recreate the fantastic world of Mous, decontextualizing elements of everyday life in Morocco.

“What I like about working with Etnia is the freedom. And when you get that freedom, the sky is the limit”

Mous Lamrabat

Mous Lamrabat (1983) was born in northern Morocco and grew up in Flanders, Belgium. He is a self-taught photographer with a degree in Interior Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. His work is stimulating and, at times, a confrontational fusion where beauty and revindication merge to create powerful new narratives.

“I would describe Moroccan culture as rich, timeless and eye-pleasing.”

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