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Do you provide prescription lenses?

No, we do not provide prescription lenses.

In the case of eyeglasses, we send the frames of your choice to your chosen optician for him/her to make your prescription. Thus, the final price that you see on our website is for the frames. The price of prescription lenses is set by the optician.


The clip-on is a metallic structure with sunglasses that can be “put on and taken off” of eyeglasses. This allows you to add sunglasses to a single frame for eyeglasses.

You can purchase the clip-on alone if you already have the eyeglass frames you want, thus making your eyeglasses into prescription sunglasses. Or, you can buy both items at the same time: the eyeglass frames and the sunglass clip-on. In this case, the only thing left is to add prescription lenses to the eyeglasses if needed. You can do this by contacting your trusted optician.

Warranty for the clip-on: the same warranty as for sunglasses. In the case of manufacturing defects, our warranty covers your glasses up to 30 months. If your clip-on has any type of manufacturing defect, we will send you a new pair.

What is eye size?

The eye size is the distance in mm between the two horizontal ends of the glass. I.e., its horizontal diameter. For example, models with an eye size of 50 means that the horizontal distance of the glass (width) is 50 millimeters.

How can I tell my size of glasses?

Access our sizing guide to learn about your appropriate size.

How can I clean the lenses of my glasses?

We recommend always using products specifically designed to clean lenses, such as our cleaning kit. Its composition ensures that superficial treatments do not damage the lenses or the frames.

If you do not have a cleaning kit, you can always use soapy water, although we always recommend using a ph neutral soap. To dry them, we recommend using a microfiber cloth that does not scratch the lenses or leave streaks, which is what happens with materials made from cellulose, like paper.

Can I buy eyeglasses through the website?

No, but we offer the option of sending the glasses of your choice (up to maximum of 3 pairs) to the optician closest to you, so you can try them on and buy them at the store, if you want.

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