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Flagship Store

Etnia Barcelona is color, art, culture. We are mediterranean, independent and rebel.We are tradition and modernity. We are quality and innovation. And we are also the city that inspires us: Barcelona.

We have a holistic brand vision and the Etnia Barcelona Flagship Store brings it all together under the same roof, integrating all the elements that define us. It’s our emblematic building and it is more than a store, it is a concept.

In homage to our origins, the Flagship Store is located in the emblematic Born neighborhood, right in front of Santa Maria del Mar’s Church (carrer de l’Espaseria 1-3). From here, the place transmits the brand’s inner values and offers a 360 experience to everyone who joins the Etnia Barcelona universe.

We couldn’t have chosen any other place to locate our Flagship Store: the modernist building transmits our DNA, recalling our mediterranean nature and the unique architecture of Barcelona.
The Born district provides the perfect atmosphere because it is the most eclectic of the city: it’s a melange of tradition and trendiness, it embraces different cultures, shops, galleries, museums, gastronomic experiences and endless opportunities.

To create a unique retail concept, we worked with the prestigious interior decorator Lázaro Rosa-Violán. We wanted to foster the spectacularity and personality of our Flagship and he managed to do so by creating an amazing and fascinating space that captures our essence by creating a 100% Etnia Barcelona feeling. The building has 7 floors and each one of them provides a whole experience around the eyewear culture: it holds two shop floors, showrooms, workshops, a terrace and a bar at the rooftop, a viewpoint from where to gaze at the city.

The Flagship Store by Etnia Barcelona aims to open its doors to everyone, get closer to the customers, build a unique brand experience where every person is able to see, touch, feel and, most of all, sense the soul of Etnia Barcelona.