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“Plan Cerdà” Original Project, Barcelona

Argetería Street

Sert Passage

Picasso Museum

Tallers Street

Original. Del lat. originālis

  • adj - Belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something, or to a thing at its beginning.

  • adj - New; fresh; inventive; novel.

  • adj - Arising or proceeding independently of anything else.

  • noun - A primary form or type from which varieties are derived.

The Etnia Barcelona Originals collection includes an extensive range of colors and new finishes making their appearance in the collection for this new season. Navy blue, colored havanas, translucent hues with metallic and transparent finishes for frames in acetate and metal with shapes from the brand’s iconic models.

All the models in this collection are fitted with mineral crystal lenses, which guarantee maximum protection and greater visual perfection.

For this collection’s campaign, the Etnia Barcelona team, along with photographer Aaron Smith, are taking a tour through the creative studios of key cultural figures who have made Barcelona their place of residence and source of inspiration.

The brothers Stefano and Max of the restaurant Xemei; architect Benedetta Tagliabue, director of the Enric Miralles studio; illustrator Ricardo Cavolo; music producer Awwz; and jeweler and national craftsmanship award winner Enric Majoral.

These “Barcelona Originals” reinforce the brand’s values and express their resonance with the city’s daily rhythm through color, design, originality, experimentation, fashion, light, and art. A city with many points of view but which shares a single creative vision.


Originals Collection is for creators.
Because we like people who want to find out about things, are avid to learn, curious, innovative, inspirational. Because we like people who seek and find, the ones that never give up. Because we like people who are capable of transforming things, of giving beauty and value to a raw material. People who dress the world in poetry and art.



Etnia Barcelona is a pioneer in the study and application of color. Since our beginnings, we have wanted not only to manufacture eyewear but also to make our mark, create a brand that would revolve around color.

Barcelona is a crossroads of diverse cultures that make each of its neighborhoods and their atmosphere universal and urban.


Barcelona is an eclectic, colorful, talent-filled city. Cosmopolitan, but without losing the essence of its hidden nooks and crannies. The light, the sea, and the Mediterranean essence that permeates everything. A city with many points of view but which shares a single creative vision.



We breathe the inspiration of an environment full of art and visual references where the old lives alongside modernity, creating a harmonious mix of chaos and perfection that materializes in our designs.


The finest materials and the best partners to ensure superlative quality in every one of our designs.

At Etnia Barcelona we work with natural acetate, a material that comes from cotton and is known for its comfort and malleability. Etnia Barcelona designs and develops a complete range of textures and colors for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from beginning, starting with the materials, to end, with the finished product.

The finest raw materials for an excellent product. Etnia Barcelona works with the best partner to develop its acetates, Mazzucchelli.

High-end chromatics to achieve the best combinations.


Unique Etnia Barcelona Colors

The lenses in our models, manufactured using pure mineral crystal, are the most advanced in the world and offer the best color experience and better visual perfection without scratching.

The human eye is 200 times more sensitive than the skin, that’s why we place extra emphasis on supplying the best lenses on the market. Mineral lenses manufactured by Barberini in Italy using natural crystal and the latest technology. Impact-resistant, anti-static, scratch-proof, they perfectly withstand extremely high temperatures, ensure maximum UV protection, reduce glare, and provide better vision quality and comfort than any other conventional lenses.


The family value in Etnia Barcelona makes us different from other brands in the business. We’re the third generation, and our heritage is an added value in our products. Our history and tradition are reflected in each of our collections.

Know-how, technical savvy, perfection are concepts acquired through experience which can be transmitted across generations or between creators. These small details that personalize our creations are part of the “savoir faire” we apply to each of our creations and what adds the “excellence” to each piece that only creators can give to their works.

Precise polishing is accomplished by tumbling with wood in a drum. This process can take up to 48 hours depending on the finish of the frame.

The ease and comfort of a pair of Etnia Barcelona glasses are a big part of their appeal.

At Etnia Barcelona, we’re pioneers in the study of color and trends.

Based on exhaustive research on fashion, runway and street trends, and other artistic disciplines, the Etnia Barcelona team develops the palettes that will dress up our models each season. An accurate vision of what’s coming balanced with classic elegance for every type of public.

New color references for the ORIGINALS collection


Etnia Barcelona is free, human, multi-ethnic but, above all, it is culture. Inspired by cultural movements, we create our story through collaborations with creators from the worlds of art and photography. Because we’re passionate about artists and their pieces. The process of transforming raw materials into works of art.

We draw on culture and the artists we collaborate with. From our earliest collections, we’ve worked with prominent artists like Araki, Klein, and McCurry because we wanted to tell stories through our glasses.

Angels RDHV

Ferlandina CLGD

Paral·lel HVBR

Tallers HVTQ


The new ORIGINALS collection is inspired by geometry - simple and beautiful forms, in cuts of diamonds and noble rocks. Through a complex production system created by the brand, we can get impossible angles and unique shapes combined with exclusive colors. A new collection that will be a pinnacle in the sector - inspired by art - the glasses itself become an artistic piece.