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A tribute to

The Vintage Collection Look Book
by Etnia Barcelona

An homage to the counterculture

Because we believe in culture and counterculture. Because we believe in reinventing classics. Because we want to go beyond and find everyone who dares to take another road. Because tribes fascinate us. Their free spirit, their colours, and their ability to be themselves without following anyone else.

The Vintage Collection

Etnia Barcelona presents its Vintage collection, 15 sun and prescription models that incorporate metal and original acetates from the seventies (recovered from the Mazzucchelli factories), into which we inject our own DNA: colour.

Emblematic frame models reinterpreted by the Etnia Barcelona design team, contributing our ethnic identity to create our own version of vintage, indie vintage.

Etnia's Barcelona's Vintage collection blends classic style with the spirit of the brand, always with exquisite attention to every detail.

The collection is made up of 15 colours inspired by the history of eyeglasses for the base of the frame. Dark colours like brown, glass or honey are combined to imitate tortoise shells. Colours known internationally as “havanas”, “tortoise” or “carey”. These dark colours are combined with acetates and metals that the Etnia Barcelona design team has created for the insides of the frames, giving us a glimpse of dozens of ethnic patterns in textures like stripes, herringbones and horns.

The Etnia Barcelona Vintage collection is full of details: the metal temple rod, designed with laser-engraved Art Nouveau motifs, the mineral lenses, also created in the seventies, from the Barberini factory in Italy, among the best in the world. The collection includes 17 types of lenses that offer maximum eye protection.

The new Etnia Barcelona Vintage collection is an homage to independent culture. Brera, Malasaña, Kitsilano, Born, Le Marais, Kreuzberg, Williamsburg, Shoreditch, Wimbledon, Mission District... Each model bears the name of a historic neighbourhood in an important world city, neighbourhoods famous for the cultural movements that were born there and came to define each of them.

For the campaign, the Etnia Barcelona team travelled to these neighbourhoods in search of faces and experiences to help tell the story of the collection. The result, natural images of people linked to culture, fashion, music and art. People who transmit stories that are still alive in each of these neighbourhoods. With this collection Etnia Barcelona reaffirms its experience in the study of colour and blends it with vintage style to create a perfect collection that combines quality and fashion.

The vintage acetates of the seventies used in Vintage

Acetate is a 100% natural material derived from cotton. It is manufactured artisanally in a factory in Italy (Mazzucchelli). For over 50 years, quality glasses were manufactured in this material that made it possible to achieve coloured structures.

In this Vintage collection, we have introduced 15 colours in acetate for the base of the frame, front and temples. The colours selected are part of the history of eyeglasses, attaining the status of "classics" in the optical sector.

Their creation dates to the year 1970, and they are essentially dark colours, achieved from a palette of dark, glass and honey tones. These acetates are the result of imitating tortoise shells. Internationally, these colours are known as "havana", "tortoise" or "carey”.

The ethnic acetates created by Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona wanted to combine a classic look with the spirit of the brand.

The Vintage collection displays our ethnic identity on the inside of the frame. This collection was designed to create a vital connection with the person wearing the glasses. This connection is based on the acetates that Etnia Barcelona has designed to dress up the inner surface of the temples. A dozen ethnic colours were designed based on herringbones, stripes and horn textures. The lamination created by Etnia Barcelona makes it possible to glimpse the interior colour of the frame on the temple tips.

Top Quality Vintage Lenses

We know that the eye is 200 times more sensitive than the skin, and that's why Etnia Barcelona uses the best crystal in the world for its sunglasses.

Etnia Barcelona continues to choose top-quality lenses for an unparalleled vision experience. The Vintage collection uses mineral lenses also created in the seventies, always by Barberini. By selecting more than 17 types of lenses that fit the vintage aesthetic while at the same time providing maximum eye protection thanks to their special properties.

High-definition, photochromatic, flat, polarised and anti-reflective lenses make up the range of this Vintage collection.


The metal core of the frames was designed with Art Nouveau motifs by the brand's design team. This metal temple rod can be glimpsed inside the acetate and is the core that structures the frame and connects with the hinge that joins the front to the temple. This decoration of the metal rods was engraved with a laser to achieve high precision in the lines of the motif.

Vintage Metal

We are introducing new metal models to complete our Vintage collection. Glasses inspired by the rock stars of the sixties and seventies in an homage to the look and counterculture vibe of this era. These models are fitted with flat lenses to create an advanced, futuristic look.


Born - Barcelona, Le Marais - Paris, Brera - Milán,
Kitsilano - Vancouver, Pearl District - Portland, Wimbledon - Londres,
Dalston - Londres, Fremont - San Francisco, Joordan - Amsterdam,
Silver Lake - Los Angeles, Södermalm - Estocolmo.

Vintage-inspired shapes reworked

We have reworked forms based on vintage trends and styles to create a collection that fuses the brand's spirit with old-school style.

The Vintage collection is inspired by cultural and intellectual movements, and everything that ventures off the well-worn path to create a culture of independence.

And so, when it came time to name the models in this collection, we looked for places impregnated with culture and creativity. It's an homage to these neighbourhoods and their inhabitants.

The Vintage Collection Look Book

Louise walking on the streets of Le Marais.

Thomas & Zuzana in El Born.

Dematteis living in Brera

Emelie living in Le Marais.

Diagne Souleyman living in El Born.

Martin Whyte in Le Marais

Hoy Yan wandering around Le Marais

A Tribute to Independence features the Street Photography by Aaron Smith, a Kansas-born photographer currently based in California, deeply influenced by other creative outlets such as Skate and Music reflecting a unique lifestyle and fashion portraiture. Along with Etnia Barcelona, Aaron, with assistance by Daniel Kim travelled through American and European cities to find the people who embodied the character and spirit of each city’s iconic neighbourhood.

Germain Zambi in Le Marais