We spotted singer Jay Z last week in a model from our new Etnia Barcelona x Basquiat collection.

The rapper and entrepreneur was wearing the Basquiat 01BL "Fallen Angel" model while spending the day enjoying views of the Hudson River in New York with his wife Beyoncé.. We also saw him leaving a building in Manhattan's Tribeca neighbourhood.

blog1jayzJay Z on Etnia Barcelona Basquiat 01 BL "Fallen Angel"

postblog1Jay Z on Etnia Barcelona Basquiat 01 BL "Fallen Angel"

Jay Z, has always felt great admiration for Jean Michel Basquiat, a pioneering graffiti artist from Brooklyn who revolutionized the New York art world in the early 1980s. Basquiat achieved international fame through his powerful and expressive works, which addressed themes like racism, politics, and the hypocrisy of society. Although his career was cut short by his early death at the age of 27, his work continues to be enormously influential.

On his album “Carta Magna ... Holy Grail”, Jay Z used works by Basquiat as a reference when composing many of its songs. And, Beyoncé and Jay Z are the owners of “Mecca”, a 1982 work by the artist. The painting depicts the New York City skyline, with the Empire State Building, under Basquiat's crown, and coincidentally brings to mind one of the rapper's hits, “Empire State of Mind”, recorded with Alicia Keys.


Etnia Barcelona Basquiat 01 "Fallen Angel"

The new Etnia Barcelona by Basquiat collection is an exclusive sun collection consisting of four models that display patterns based on three of the artist's original works, making each of the models in this capsule collection a unique and different piece, with the common denominator of the three vertices resembling the three points of his crown, his artistic legacy. Like the works of Basquiat, this collection transmits the transgressive, powerful, and emotional aspects that made the artist one of the most important figures in the culture and art of today.

We hope to keep seeing this couple wearing Etnia Barcelona!