Dolores reinterpreted by @peggyheart

DOLORES: the adult representation of Lolita – the girl with a provocative attitude hidden behind a sweet and innocent gaze; the girl who the writer Vladimir Nabokov brought to life; who Kubrick dared to bring to the big screen in the 1960s.

Dolores reinterpreted by @thecollecteur

Our DOLORES still shows traces of that little girl, visible in her pastel colors, naïf and candy-like style, and soft, rounded shape. However, in this Etnia Barcelona reinterpretation, she has grown up and her experience proves that she is no longer those plastic glasses that were so fashionable in the 1960s. Because today, DOLORES is much stronger and resistant thanks to our high-quality finishing touches.

Dolores reinterpreted by @MusesUniform

This is the reason why, despite the many years that have passed, Lolita will never go out of fashion. The iconic shape of these glasses has evolved over time, marking a before and an after. It was the Nirvana lead, Kurt Cobain, who brought Lolita back to life in the 1990s, making her eyewear popular once again in an act of transgression that marked the beginnings of grunge.

Dolores reinterpreted by Paloma Rincón

Now, Etnia Barcelona has dared to create the most mature version to date: DOLORES. A limited-edition product that pays tribute to the transgressive individuals who brought the controversial Lolita into being.