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Between the 1930s and 1960s, a myriad of celebrities found its way to the Costa Brava. Actors, directors, writers, musicians and artists paraded around the hotels and beaches of the Costa, making it one of the most glamourous spots in the Med.

The collection homages the combination of the celebs, beaches, hotels and local inhabitants which created a kind of Hollywood glamourama in the Empordà region of the Catalan Coast.

The Vintage Collection draws its inspiration from the golden days of Hollywood, when it disembarked along the shores of the Costa Brava, with all the glamour, style and luxuries the stars brought along with them. Sumptuous hotels, classic cars, tennis courts, evening gowns…Witnesses of an era and moment in history when Art and the Cinema generated an eclectic atmosphere, one in which the locals mingled with the extravagant foreigners.

The whole source of the story springs from the most iconic hotel of the Costa Brava, “La Gavina”, graced by Ava Gardner, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers, amongst many others. The walls are drenched in history and populated with photographs of the cocktail and night-time parties hosted there over the years.

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